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E.g., 25/04/2019
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort descending Abstract Paper
72 James A. Sundali, Amnon Rapoport & Darryl A. Seale Coordination in Market Entry Games with Symmetric Players (03/1995) Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 64 (1995), 203-218

We report the results of two experiments designed to study tacit coordination in a class of...

160 Eilon Solan Stochastic Games with 2 Non-Absorbing States (12/1997) Israel Journal of Mathematics 119 (2000), 29-54.

In the present paper we consider recursive games that satisfy an absorbing property defined by...

428 Robert J. Aumann War and Peace (08/2006) Les Prix Nobel 2005 (forthcoming)

Nobel Lecture.

245 Judith Avrahami, Werner Guth & Yaakov Kareev The Parasite Game: Exploiting the Abundance of Nature in the Face of Competition (06/2001) Published as "Games of Competition in a Stochastic Environment", Theory and Decision 59 (2005), 255-294

A situation in which the regularity in nature can be utilized while competition is to be avoided...