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E.g., 17/02/2019
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort descending Abstract Paper
587 Christina Fang, Sari Carp, and Zur Shapira Prior Divergence: Do Researchers and Participants Share the Same Prior Probability Distributions? (08/2011) Cognitive Science 35 (2011) 744–762

Do participants bring their own priors to an experiment? If so, do they share the same priors as...

468 Tamar Keasar, Adi Sadeh and Avi Shmida The Signaling Function of an Extra-floral Display: What Selects for Signal Development? (11/2007)

The vertical inflorescences of the Mediterranean annual Salvia viridis carry many small...

180 Robert Aumann & Werner Guth Species Survival and Evolutionary Stability in Sustainable Habitats: The Concept of Ecological Stability (06/1998) Journal of Evolutionary Economics 10 (2000), 437-447

Whover exists belongs to a species, which did not become extinct, has a (geno-)type, which...

56 Vijay Krishna & John Morgan An Analysis of the War of Attrition and the All-Pay Auction (08/1994)

We study the war of attrition and the all-pay auction when players' signals are affiliated and...