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E.g., 26/02/2018
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort descending Abstract Paper
364 Robert J. Aumann and Hillel Furstenberg Findings of the Committee to Investigate the Gans-Inbal Results on Equidistant Letter Sequences in Genesis (06/2004)

In 1996, a committee was formed to examine the results that had been reported by H.J. Gans...

245 Judith Avrahami, Werner Guth & Yaakov Kareev The Parasite Game: Exploiting the Abundance of Nature in the Face of Competition (06/2001) Published as "Games of Competition in a Stochastic Environment", Theory and Decision 59 (2005), 255-294

A situation in which the regularity in nature can be utilized while competition is to be avoided...

34 Rudolf Avenhaus & Shmuel Zamir Game-Theoretical Analysis of Material Accountancy (09/1993)

Game theoretical models and analysis are provided for the sequential material accountancy...

572 Noam Bar-Shai, Tamar Keasar, and Avi Shmida Do Solitary Bees Count to Five? (05/2011)

Efficient foragers avoid returning to food sources that they had previously depleted. Bombus...

450 Edna Ullmann-Margalit Difficult Choices: To Agonize or not to Agonize? (03/2007) Social Research, 74 (2007), 51-74

What makes a choice difficult, beyond being complex or difficult to calculate? Characterizing...