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E.g., 20/02/2018
E.g., 20/02/2018
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Number Authour(s) Title Datesort descending Published in Abstract Paper
711 Sergiu Hart Repeat Voting: Two-Vote May Lead More People To Vote (10/2017)

A repeat voting procedure is proposed, whereby voting is carried out in two identical rounds....

712 Sergiu Hart, Philip J. Reny The Better Half of Selling Separately (12/2017)

Separate selling of two independent goods is shown to yield at least 62% of the optimal revenue...

713 Shevy Waner, Uzi Motro, Yael Lubin, Ally R. Harari Male mate choice in a sexually cannibalistic widow spider (02/2018)

Males of the brown widow spider,Latrodectusgeometricus(Theridiidae), invest energy in courtship...

714 Maya Bar-Hillel, Tom Noah, Shane Frederick Learning psychology from riddles: The case of stumpers (02/2018) Judgment and Decision Making 13.1 (2018): 112.

Riddles can teach us psychology when we stop to consider the psychological principles that make...

715 Bezalel Peleg, Ron Holzman Representations of Political Power Structures by Strategically Stable Game Forms: A Survey (02/2018)

We survey the results on representations of committees and constitutions by game forms that...