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E.g., 21/01/2019
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort ascending Abstract Paper
683 Omer Edhan, Ziv Hellman, Dana Sherill-Rofe Sex And Portfolio Investment (04/2015)

We attempt to answer why sex is nearly ubiquitous when asexual reproduction is ostensibly more...

645 Amiel Vasl, Avi Shmida The adaptive role of nectarial appendages in Colchicum (09/2013)

A few species within the genus Colchicum of the Colchicaceae family, a small group of species...

650 Yannai A. Gonczarowski The Distribution of the Combined Length of Spanned Cycles in a Random Permutation (11/2013)

For a random permutation π on {1,2,…,n} for fixed n, and for M⊆{1,2,…,n}, we analyse the...

613 Automatic Learning of Evaluation, with Applications to Computer Chess (07/2012)

A new and fast learning method is described in the context of teaching a program to play chess....