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E.g., 10/07/2020
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort descending Abstract Paper
403 Eytan Sheshinski Longevity and Aggregate Savings (09/2005)

For the last fifty years, countries in Asia and elsewhere witnessed a surge in aggregate savings...

119 Tamar Keasar, Uzi Motro & Avi Shmida Exploration Effort in Foraging Bees Is Enhanced by Clustering of Food Resources (11/1996)

Foraging can be viewed as a dual activity: a food-collection process, and an exploration process...

205 Ori Haimanko Cost Sharing: The Nondifferentiable Case (09/1999) Journal of Mathematical Economics 35 (2001), 445-462.

We show existence and uniqueness of cost allocating mechanisms, satisfying standard axioms, on...

82 Abraham Neyman & Sylvain Sorin Equilibria in Repeated Games of Incomplete Information: The Deterministic Symmetric Case (07/1995) In T. Parthasaraty et al. (eds.) Game-Theoretic Applications to Economics and Operations Research ( ) Kluwer Academic Press

Every two person game of incomplete information in which the information to both players is...