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E.g., 24/06/2019
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort descending Abstract Paper
270 Gary Bornstein The Intergroup Prisoner's Dilemma Game as a Model of Intergroup Conflict (09/2001) L. Backman & C. von Hofsten (Eds.) Psychology at the Turn of the Millenium: Social, Developmental and Clinical Perspectives.

Intergroup conflicts are characterized by conflicts of interests within the competing groups as...

34 Rudolf Avenhaus & Shmuel Zamir Game-Theoretical Analysis of Material Accountancy (09/1993)

Game theoretical models and analysis are provided for the sequential material accountancy...

350 Aviad Heifetz and Zvika Neeman On the Generic (Im)possibility of Full Surplus Extraction in Mechanism Design (02/2004) Econometrica 74 (2006), 213-233

A number of studies, most notably Crיmer and McLean (1985, 1988), have shown that in Harsanyi...

88 Abraham Neyman Cooperation, Repetition and Automata (11/1995) In S. Hart & A. Mas-Colell (eds.), Cooperation: Game-Theoretic Approaches, (1995) Springer-Verlag 233-255

This chapter studies the implications of bounding the complexity of players' strategies in long...

231 Peter Sudholter & Bezalel Peleg The Positive Prekernel of a Cooperative Game (12/2000) International Game Theory Review 2 (2000), 287-305

The positive prekernel, a solution of cooperative transferable utility games, is introduced. We...