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E.g., 26/02/2020
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Number Authour(s) Title Date Published insort descending Abstract Paper
201 Bezalel Peleg & Peter Sudholter Single-Peakedness and Coalition-Proofness (08/1999) Review of Economic Design 4 (1999), 381-387

We prove that multidimensional generalized median voter schemes are coalition-proof.

164 Yaacov Z. Bergman General Restrictions on Prices of Financial Derivatives Written on Underlying Diffusions (01/1998)

It is shown that in any diffusive one-factor model of the term structure, the prices of bonds...

494 Yehoram Leshem, Tamar Keasar and Avi Shmida Female-biased nectar production in the protandrous, hermaphroditic shrub Salvia hierosolymitana: possible reasons and consequences (12/2008)

Sexual selection theory states that male reproductive success is commonly limited by...

69 Abraham Neyman Finitely Repeated Games with Finite Automata (06/1995) (revised in DP #161)

The paper studies the implication of bounding the complexity of the strategies players may...

368 Ehud Guttel and Alon Harel Probability Matching and the Law: A Behavioral Challenge to Law & Economics (07/2004)

Contrary to the conventional assumption that individuals maximize payoffs, robust experimental...

576 Asael Y. Sklar & Ran R. Hassin Unseen But not Unsolved: Doing Arithmetic Non-Consciously (06/2011)

The modal view in the cognitive sciences holds that consciousness is necessary for abstract,...

456 Jean-Francois Mertens, Abraham Neyman and Dinah Rosenberg Absorbing Games with Compact Action Spaces (07/2007)

We prove that games with absorbing states with compact action sets have a value.

169 Ori Haimanko Partially Symmetric Values (03/1998) Mathematics of Operations Research 25 (2000), 573-590

We investigate values of differentiable non-atomic and mixed games, in the situation where there...

539 Edith Cohen, Michal Feldman, Amos Fiat, Haim Kaplan and Svetlana Olonetsky Envy-Free Makespan Approximation (02/2010)

We study envy-free mechanisms for scheduling tasks on unrelated machines (agents) that...

254 Robert Samuel Simon Games of Incomplete Information, Ergodic Theory, and the Measurability of Bayesian Equilibria (06/2001)

This paper discusses the difference between Harsanyi and Bayesian equilibria for games of...