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E.g., 20/06/2019
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Number Authour(s) Title Datesort ascending Published in Abstract Paper
5 Jose-Luis Ferreira, Itzhak Gilboa, Michael Maschler Credible Equilibria in Games with Utilities Changing during the Play (02/1992) Games and Economic Behavior 10 (1995), 284-317

Whenever one deals with an interactive decision situation of long duration, one has to take into...

4 Oscar Volij Epistemic Conditions for Equilibrium in Beliefs without Independence (01/1992) Journal of Economic Theory 70 (1996), 391-406

Aumann and Brandenburger (1991) describe sufficient conditions on the knowledge of the players...

3 Sergiu Hart & Andreu Mas-Colell A Non-Cooperative Interpretation of Value and Potential (01/1992) In R. Selten (ed.) Rational Interaction (1992) Springer-Verlag 83-93

Given a (TU or NTU) game in characteristic form an auxiliary two-person zero sum game is...

2 Sergiu Hart & Andreu Mas-Colell Egalitarian Solutions of Large Games: II. The Asymptotic Approach (01/1992) Mathematics of Operations Research 20 (1995), 1003-1022

This is the second of two papers developing the theory of Egalitarian solutions for games in...