Analyses of the “Gans” Committee Report

R. J. Aumann, H. Furstenberg, I. Lapides and D. Witztum

This document contains four separate analyses, each with a different author, of the "Gans" committee report on the Bible codes (DP 364 of the Center for the Study of Rationality, June 2004). The analyses appear in alphabetical order of the authors' names. Three of the authors were members of the committee; one, Doron Witztum, is active in Bible codes research. Two of the analyses-by Aumann and by Furstenberg-support the report of the committee; the other two-by Lapides and by Witztum-do not. This document contains material that was generated after the results of the committee's experiments became known; other than reporting the numerical results themselves, DP 364 contains only material generated before they became known.

July, 2004
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