Power Indices Without the Transfer Axiom

Anna B. Khmelnitskaya

We show that for voting systems containing at least three voters the set of all marginalist, efficient, and monotonic power indices possessing the -player property coincide with the set of random-order power indices, and thereby the last statement spreads to simple games the result of Khmelnitskaya concerning an axiomatization without the linearity assumption for random-order values for the entire class of TU games. We also give evidence that every marginalist, efficient, and symmetric power index is just the Shapley-Shubik power index what provides an axiomatization for the latter similar to that of Young for the Shapley value; in symmetric case there is no restriction for a number of players to be not less than three. Keywords: Simple game; Power index; Axiomatic characterization; Efficiency; Marginalism

January, 1999
Published in: 
In H. de Swart (ed.) Logic, Game Theory and Social Choice. Proceedings of the International Conference LGS (1999) Tilburg University Press: 208-213