Reply to Margalit and Yaari

Robert J. Aumann

A reply to Margalit and Yaari's paper "Rationality and Comprehension", in which they comment on my papers "Agreeing to disagree" [1] and "Notes on Interactive Epistemology" [2]. Inter alia, we point out that contrary to Margalit and Yaari's claim, in [1] the agents need not condition on the same events; and in [2], the state space is not assumed as analytic knowledge, but is derived. In addition, a simple resolution of the "hangman's paradox" is offered.

June, 1995
Published in: 
In K. J. Arrow, E. Colombatto, M. Perlman & C. Schmidt (eds.), The Rational Foundations of Economic Behavior (1996), Macmillan, Basingstoke and London 106-107